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    Judgement Day 6 – Final Judgement


    Judgement Day 6 – Final Judgement is 102 pages of the continuing story of Joe (Josephine) Jackson’s femination at the hands of a sinister corporation, in a PDF format.  Joe’s mistress – The Matron – retrieves Joe from the facility for male prisoners after he agrees to go through with completing his journey into femininity by having a sex change operation.  He rejoins his roommate, Lynn, in time for a party for the graduate girls to meet their new mistresses and masters.  Joe is chosen to serve as a maid at the party where Matron has invited a few guests from Joe’s past.

    Sold By: Saline
  • Judgement Day 6 Free Preview Cover

    Judgement Day 6, Free Preview

    4.00 out of 5

    A free preview for the upcoming Judgement Day 6!  Joe is brought back from the male facility to rejoin his fellow “girls”.  He has offered to let Matron take his manhood in order to avoid the continued abuse of the male prisoners and the sadistic commandant.  Matron has a surprise for Joe… What could it be?  And, will Joe see his complete and irrevocable feminization completed, or is there a little fight left in him?  Well see….

    Sold By: Saline