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Operation Femtech


Sold By: Wendy Thorne

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No. 27 in show Top 100

No. 14 in BDSM

No. 15 in SciFi

No. 5 in Slow Transformation

No. 5 in Total Transformations

No. 7 in Wendy Thorne

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Operation Femtech is a 97 page comic by Wendy Thorne

In Operation Femtech Security Chief Allan Gray has a one night stand with who he thinks is a simple prostitute. But when he begins to lose weight and body hair he is shocked to discover that things are not as they seem! She’s a member of a resistance against Femtech and if he doesn’t do as they say, he’ll become a submissive woman! Now he has to infiltrate a high-tech Femtech laboratory and retrieve a mysterious item from it or he will become Femtech’s latest servant. But when Femtech makes a counter-offer he has to decide, who will he serve and who will he betray?


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