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    Transperiments: New Breed is a new 80 page comic by TrekkieGal

    Sometime in the far off future, a offer of dual sexuality can be a reality. Yet is the reality worth it? Enter the Genesis Project. Privately funded, and ran by Dr Dandridge, a man believed dead; he can offer the unbelievable. All he asks is for you to join the experiments, but beware…no one ever goes back to Earth. 80 pages of erotic adventures of several specimens in various sexual acts, but the question is, who is the mastermind behind the Genesis Project.

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    Transplant is a new 56 page comic by TrekkieGal with a full title of Transplant: Chaos Threshold

    Samantha is unlike any other human.  Living in a world where sex can be deadly, and most men and women are infertile, her world is filled with providing their sexual desires.  But even she doesn’t know is this truly reality or a dream.  Join her journey of understanding as her life is threatened by a sexual predator that could be either lead her to reality or into her death.

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    Transplant: Reality Dream


    Transplant: Reality Dream is the newest comic by TrekkieGal

    Is it real or a dream?  A question often asked by Samantha.  When we last left her she was the captive property of an alien race, yet what does that entail?  Why does Carlos believe she is the only one who could save herself, and her friends from the prelude of a possible alien invasion?  88 Pages of surreal eroticism as you try to decide, what is the reality, and what is the dream.

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    Twisted Sisters


    Twisted Sisters is the newest comic by TrekkieGal. Some weird things go on at the Jorgenson University for Women. Young Lydia finds herself in a financial bind that leads her into the world of a Sorority full of sisters with  Lesbian leanings, but is there more than meets the eye? 44 pages of the trias of Lydia in her attempt to stay on campus, and near her close friend Angela.

    Sold By: TrekkieGal
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    Walt Wisconsin

    4.50 out of 5

    Walt Wisconsin is a remake of Prim’s classic 1980 forced feminization comic. Poor Walt Wisconsin is orphaned, and his Aunt Delma agrees to take him in.  Little does he suspect his Aunt’s plans for him!   30 pages of full color illustrations based on Prim’s original story.

    Sold By: Saline
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    Wendy’s Best Sellers Bundle

    $68.50 $51.38

    Wendy’s Best Sellers Bundle is all of Wendy’s best selling comics in one spot. Enjoy Wendy’s Best Sellers ! It includes: Changed Into A Sexy Secretary, He Bet His Manhood…and Lost, From Secret Agent to Brainwashed Slut, Feminized by Femtech and  Seduced by a Feminizing Succubus. The total price is less than 4 of the comics together!

    Sold By: Wendy Thorne
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    Witness Protection Part 1


    Witness Protection Part 1 is the new 78 page comic from Wendy Thorne

    This comic introduces Elliot Ness, a police officer who is down on his luck. When the witness he is protecting goes on the run and he is captured by a local mafia boss he finds himself in big trouble! Injected with a serum that will turn him into a woman, he is told he will get the antidote if he finds the witness and brings him back to the mafia boss, Joseph D’Angelo. As he uses his cop skills to hunt for the witness he finds himself coming closer to having to make a choice. His manhood? Or his duty?

    Sold By: Wendy Thorne
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    Wrath of the Pharaoh


    Wrath of the Pharaoh is a 59 page full color PDF comic.

    When Evil has a problem they either can’t or do not want to deal with they call Digitalia. This highly effective super villainess for hire ends problems permanently and in unorthodox yet highly effective ways.  The Pharaoh is at a critical juncture in his plans to acquire an ancient Egyptian artifact and he does not need any distractions. That distraction is a man, a wannabe superhero, who styles himself as “Mighty Man”. He has been meddling with affairs above his league and he is about to learn why Digitalia has the reputation that she does and just how unorthodox her methods can be.

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