Shadoman’s Best Seller Bundle 02


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Shadoman’s Best Seller Bundle 02

A great way to save some money and get $65/  worth of comics for only $50.00

Included in this bundle are 3 great comics and the combined Double-Cross 02 250 Page mega epic

Service with a smile

A car dealerships accountant is asked to do the unthinkable, Poses as a Car Girl for an exotic auto show. One thing leads to another and soon the accountant is transformed into a lovely bruneyye

Portrait of Transformation

This comic has a dual ending so you get two different story lines with fantastic endings.

A practicing which hires a young man to be her weekend lover and painting model as she springs a uniqie way of transformation. Placing a spell on the canvas can chage the persons body within a matter of hours This story has everything, sex Transformation, light boindage, Demons and whitchcraft and as I mentioned two different endings.

Agent O

Sci-fi fiction meets transformation as a the sole survivor of a now dead planet escapes through a black hole and ends up in a 9 planet solar system and a singe sun. Landing on earth the Alien is apprehanded by the military and once they are made aware of the aliens transformation powers decide to make her a agent. The alien be a-sexual can transform from male to female, vice versa and even if needed a female with male genitals much to the delight of her female hadnler/

Doublecross 02

This is the 250 page sage of a young accountant who is taken in by a very beautiful intern who drugs him on a night out and then robs the company blind.  Not only is the accountant fired,  but he learns that one of the hidden parners is a Russian Mobsters.

Fearing for his ;ief her heads up to Canado to visit his Aunt Pam. There he spill his gits out and wants to know if there is anybody who could change his looks.  Well the aunt does more than that and soo out male accountant is a lovely little Transgende female.

As part of the bargain Marcia must marry a wealthy Politician who in turn can get her access to governement files so Marcia can tract down the person who brusied his former life good name and extract her revenge.   This comic was sold in 2 parts but now you can have the whole saga and at a bargain when you buy this bundle

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