Terri’s Continued Education Part 2


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Terri’s Continued Education Part 2 By Shadoman Copyright 2017
A CG illustrated comic dealing with Erotic Transgender Situations,
89 Page PDF comic for use with Adobe Acrobat reader.. Rated X For Mature Adults

The 3rd Chapter of this on going transgender story that began with Betrayed Nepher and evolved into Terri’s continued Education part 1

Terri, Contance and Nicole all return as we focus on a new chapter in the groth of our main Carcater, Terri and her transition inot forced womenhood un the care and guidence of her aunt and legal guadian Victoria who is known in certain circles as providing a servioce transforming young men into transgender females. Using her gentic lab and outside resources such as plastic surgeons, Victoria clients usually include mothers and wives who wish their husbands and sons to be feminized. All this while educating her own transgender daughter Constance and her Neice Terri.

The story begins 6 months after part one with Nicole, Victoria’s former maid, returning after receiving her final augmentation in Scandinavia to complete her transistion. Returning to her former place of employment, she is well recieved by both Terri and Constance and seeks a place to stay while gaining employment. As she arrives at the Manner, she learnes that Victoria has taken on a new client and his protege who wants to become more feminine of his own valition. With the client stating money is not an option, Victoria accepts the commission Amist all the other activity of her household.

This story is loaded with transgender sex including scenes of anal intercourse after the transition of Victoria’s new client.

This comic included two Panels of Bonus art, The cover shot minus the cover overlays and a nude scene of Terri and Nicole.
For those of you who have followed Betrayed Nepher and the 1st Terri’sContinued education comic, will notice Nicole’s full transformation.

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