Bex is an Italian who specializes in hand drawn comics

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    A Bridge Too Far


    A Bridge Too Far is a new 23 page comic with beautiful hand-drawn art by Bex and English translations by Morpheus

    In this comic a young man on vacation discovers a new world across the bridge. His journey brings him through changes he never could have imagined in his wildest dreams! A world unexpected and perversions untraveled.

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  • Black Flower Cover

    Black Flower

    3.00 out of 5

    Black Flower is a new 47 page comic book by Bex in PDF form.

    He was a professional, slaving away trying to impress his boss. But when he arrived a little too early he saw something he wasn’t supposed to see! His eagerness would cost him. And the price would change him forever. Can he survive this journey into the depths of depravity?

    Sold By: Bex
  • Isa and Chalet Cover

    Isa and Chalet


    Isa and Chalet are two short comics by Bex combined into one 23 page volume.

    In Isa, a horny shemale goes to a construction site to have fun with the workers there. There, she meets Matt, a man who may be just as horny as she is and maybe even more perverted! Is it a match made in Heaven?

    In Chalet, a man finds himself deep in the mountains without any water. He finds a chalet in the mountains with a fountain out front. When he meets the beautiful owner he may just be in for more than he can handle. But maybe he’ll find just what he’s always been looking for!

    Sold By: Bex
  • Bex Volume 1 Cover

    The Greenhouse And The Yacht


    The Greenhouse And The Yacht is two comics in a single 25 page volume by Bex, translated into English by Wendy Thorne.

    In the Greenhouse a young man falls under the spell of a sadistic woman when she discovers he is wearing panties and hose. Will he discover she has a secret as well? And can he survive the sadistic and cruel things she does to him?

    In the Yacht a famous surfer wonders why some men have a tattoo of a red sail on their ankles. When he spots a red yacht in the distance he goes aboard to investigate and finds himself under the spell of very dominant and sadistic shemales!

    Warning: These comics feature sadistic BDSM scenes that may not be to everyone’s taste.

    Sold By: Bex