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    Barbarian Love


    Barbarian Love is an all new 33 page full color comic by new artist Insane3d with a script by Morpheus. Gunnar was one step ahead his enemies but his choices were few. Dared he cross the forbidden territory the villagers warned him about? Could he risk the wild barbarians of the glade? Peril before him and peril behind he stepped into the unknown.

    Sold By: Insane3d
  • Sale! Insane3Ds First Bundle

    Insane3D’s First Bundle

    $17.50 $14.00

    Insane3D’s First Bundle contains Barbarian Love and The Sacrifice at a bundled price that is 20% off!

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    Taken For A Ride


    Taken for a Ride is a 21 page PDF with art by Insane3d and writing by Mistress Scarlet!

    Want to take a sensual, sexy ride? Look no further than this picture manual of a wild ride on an atv with sex positions to drive both male and shemale wild! Try it today!

    Sold By: Insane3d
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    The Cam Show


    The Cam Show is a 21 page full color PDF comic with art by Insane3d and writing by Morpheus.

    At Winter’s cam show, she invites a special guest to show her fans just why she’s the top rated show on the net. But these two girls have a couple of hidden surprises for first time viewers!

    Sold By: Insane3d
  • The Sacrifice Cover

    The Sacrifice


    The Sacrifice is a 26 page full color comic with art by Insane3d and a story by Morpheus.

    For generations The People sacrificed one of their own to She Who Waits. One maiden to spare the rest of the tribe. This gift feared what was to come, but could never have imagined what her destiny would actually bring.

    Sold By: Insane3d