Wendy Thorne

Wendy Thorne
Wendy Thorne

Wendy Thorne found her way to the transformation genre in a very round about way involving way too much time spent reading erotic stories and playing Japanese Visual Novels like X-Change. A few years ago she began doing renders and realized she could use them to fulfill a lifelong dream of making comic books for others to enjoy. Her comics focus mostly on the more fantastical style of transgender transformations, such as a man being changed by magic or super science.

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2 thoughts on “Wendy Thorne

  1. You do insanely great work with your art and the stories… I’d like to see a teen boy forced into feminization by his buddy, roommate etc and then is pushed embarrassingly into meeting with his parents who are mortified at the change and the boy’s new lover! What do you think?

    1. The best way to give me feedback is through my Patreon. I’m actually about to start a unique comic there and am having polls to determine the content.

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