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Looking to contact us for some reason? Fill out the form below. If you’re hoping to become a new artist for us use this page¬†instead

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Just wondering if I can open downloaded comics on an iPhone?

    1. You may have to download an unzipper and a special download program but yes you can.

  2. why is my ordrr 38194 still pending from last night? i see it vame out of my account?

    1. It should be fixed now. Please use the actual contact form as opposed to a comment next time. Thank you!

  3. Hy there my order of femme Gordon part 2 is still pending from last night if some one can help me

    1. It should be fine now. In the future, please use the form to contact us, don’t comment. The form sends me an email and I see it faster.


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