Superguy 3: Superguy Gets Contagious

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Superguy 3: Supgerguy Gets Contagious, is the newest comic by Wikkid Lester. It’s 119 pages of sexy superhero transformations!
The third chapter in Superguy’s continuing Saga. Lunar Point City’s mightiest masculine superhero had been living comfortably as Dr. Bender’s bimbofied brain-drained sex pet, until the fearsome Feminatrix finessed the buxom man-tramp into unleashing a pink plague upon the city. Can Wonder Dude, lunar point’s second mightiest masculine superhero, cure superguy and contain the comely cutie outbreak or are we all destined to become loyal Feminions of a new Fempress!!?

1 review for Superguy 3: Superguy Gets Contagious

  1. ansh3540 (verified owner)

    hmm… your comic is interesting.
    But only superguy is beautiful,
    Other girls are so ugly and like pigs or muscle man(?)..

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