6 Million Dollar Bimbo

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Sold By: Saline


Colonel Steve Houston, astronaut and test pilot has a terrible accident when his experimental plane breaks up during testing.  Fortunately, the military has plans for him through Project Phoenix – to rebuild him better than before!  And, to head this project, his old college roommate – he’s sure to be in good hands… Or is he.  His old roomie has issues with Steve, and enlists help from his old buddies from school who also have issues with Steve.  They rebuild him alright… Rounder, softer, sexier!   Six Million Dollar Bimbo is a 57 Page comic consisting of over 130 full color renders!  In PDF format by Saline.

2 reviews for 6 Million Dollar Bimbo

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Another from a very talented artist. I wish the physical changes were slower, but I like the total transformations, the main character is beautiful, very sexy and enjoys the new benefits.
    Looking forward to Judgement Day 3, which deals with a slow transformation and very sexy characters wearing 5″ heels, skirts/dresses, and other fashion statements.

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    The moment Saline shared the concept with us, I knew I was gonna enjoy this one. While not a slow transformation, I still enjoyed the crazy and over the top physical and mental transformation. It’s definitely not one of the more serious comics here. It’s a whole lot of fun. The characters all look great and our hero/ine is to die for. Makes me wish I had enlisted, risen in the ranks and been put in charge of dubious research. That lucky general! Fans of Saline’s work will love this one.

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