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Agent O Synopsis


A 100 Page graphic comic dealing with Transformation fantasies Rated X for Mature Adults


After the devastation of her home world, the lone survivor of the planet makes good on a escape with the hopes of seeking a new life on another planet, in another Galaxy.  Risking it all, the  alien lifeform employs her stellar warp drive right through a black hole and exits into a solar system with a huge sun that is surrounded by several planets and their moons.


However only one planet has life on it and after three months of monitoring, the Alien drops out of orbit and lands near a government facility in the Nevada Dessert.


After surrendering to the humans , the alien is interrogated and asked for asylum in exchange for new technology.  For asylum to be granted the Alien must work for military intelligence and complete a mission of great importance.  Code named Omega, the alien also offers her unique talent to transform from male to female and vice versa. A useful tool for covert mission.  Yet Agent Omega must get used to the new planets conditions so she can control her one added asset, the ability to emit sexual emotion pheromones that are sometimes left unchecked and cause reactions with her coworkers.


Shadoman explores a new realm of sexual fantasy, by bringing to you an all new story with a sci-fi twist that has plenty of sex, transformations, and a little humor  in this 100 page comic.


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