Amazon Seed Smugglers


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Long ago the Amazons fled this world and created a new society among the stars, and in doing so left men behind to create an all female utopian world called Amazonia.  Long forgotten are the males of the species to all but a very few, as men are no longer needed to procreate, instead, the goddess mother provides for her children the gift.  The gift of the goddess mother… But this gifts origins are a highly guarded secret.  A bounty hunter stumbles upon the secret and sets forth to the stars with her mate in a quest to bring back a mythic creature – a man beast!  Knowing full well that it is this beast that produces the coveted gift of the goddess mother, they intend on harvesting the beast’s seed for their own personal use, and for prophet!   But if they are discovered… They must hide this man beast.  But how?  How about in plain sight.  103 full color pages in a PDF format.


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