Arabian Nights


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Arabian Nights by Shadoman Copyright 2020

111 Page Fantasy Transformation Adventure Rated R for mature adults

Dana Preston was in love. In love with another man who was about to leave him due to the religious beliefs of his country.  Dana knew the the college relations was supposed to be no strings attached,  but how does one baracade affections.

With college over with, and his love returning home to possible marry and bear heirs for his family, Dana goes on a drinking spree and when the bars close, finds himself on a lonely canal street and seconds away from a tranq dart that will render him unconscious and forever change his life.

Dana is abducted and sold at auction and although males do not fetch a high price as slaves they are desired when some modifications are added.

Thus starts Dana’s adventure into the world of transformation and becoming a transgender female.

Great backdrops especially during the 2nd half of the comis, and lovelky figures be it male, female or a bit of both along with a semi romoantic storyline that should keep you entertained from cover to cover.


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