Betrayed Nephew

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Shadoman’s Betrayed Nephew is an  111 Page PDF 

 All alone after a freak accident takes the lives of his parents, Terry Masters discovers that he has an Aunt and Cousin living in the United Kingdom. With nothing to keep him in the U.S. Terry accepts an invitation to live with his Aunt Victoria and attend a local university.  Yet shortly after his arrival, Terry makes some unusual discoveries in regards to some of his aunt’s staff and her genetic research.

Fearing that their new guest might alert the authorities. Victoria has no choice but to begin the transformation process on her own nephew and use mental conditioning and visual stimuli as Terry changes from male to female.

 Shadoman brings you a unique tale of transformation and sexual situations with a little bondage thrown in.    111 pages comic in PDF format created from PNG originals along with bonus cover art minus the overlays.

 To be used with adobe acrobat reader 6.0 or higher and intended for mature adults.  Authors note.  This comic does not contain any incest.

 This comic is for mature adults and should not be given to minors under the age of 18. This comic does not imply to the Morals of the Author known as The Shadoman and or Shadoman Comics or publications. 

 This comic is for the sole fantasy enjoyment of the buyer and may not be reposted in any way of form without the permission of the Shadoman or Shadoman Comics and Publications  Copyright 2014 All Rights reserved

2 reviews for Betrayed Nephew

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Another amazing comic by Shadoman. It was an interesting story that had all the aspects I love in a transformation comic. All the characters looked great. The many sex scenes definitely got me excited. I certainly hope Shadoman will give us a sequel to this in the future.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Would be interesting to see her transition from those uncomfortable ballet heels to the 5″ pumps and sandals, she may enjoy them better without the pain. I’d like to see whether she goes to Denmark to receive the final changes, and how she will react and feel being a woman.
    Thanks for all your great efforts, and I’m looking forward to a sequel to this story.

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