Better Living Through Femistry!

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne

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Better Living Through Femistry! is a 122 page comic by Wendy Thorne.

In this comic a young man named Conal Watts has a rough life. He owes back rent to his creepy land lord. His girl friend may be cheating on him with his horny neighbor and he has no job. Everything seems to change when he gets a new job with Pharmgen and for awhile things seem to be looking up. But a lab accident with a new chemical called Femitol begins to change him into a woman and everyone in his life notices!

Will his girlfriend leave him?

Will his horny neighbor try to seduce him?

Will his landlord demand he pay the rent with his body?

Read the comic to find out!

1 review for Better Living Through Femistry!

  1. ansh3540 (verified owner)

    Your comic is very interesting.
    but hmm… that girl’s like a man, at last chapter.. 🙁

    I hope to see next stories of Frank(kiss of the manhood sucking vampiress) and Catrina(the sacrificial manhood).
    I think that they are most beautiful and cool characters of your comics.

    • Wendy Thorne

      In most of my comics I usually switch the male skins to female skins at some point in the transition. In this one I kept the male skin the whole way through to see how well it worked and if my readers would like it. Thank you for the review!

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