Changed Into A Sexy Secretary!

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Changed Into A Sexy Secretary! is a 114 page full color comic and is the story of Samuel Mikkaelson. He is in a competition with his rival to become the new manager of the firm they work at. But, why is he having weird dreams and why is his body slowly changing into something else. This is the tale of a man’s slow mental and physical change into a sexy secretary!

5 reviews for Changed Into A Sexy Secretary!

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Another great transformation by Wendy Thorne. The physical transformation was visually impressive. I found the mental transformation quite interesting. The dreams subconsciously manipulating our protagonist was a nice touch. Beautiful art, slow transformation and a fun story all make for a very impressive story.

  2. onl1975 (verified owner)

    Slow transformations are the way to go.It will keep this site heads above the rest.Thanks for the entertainment

  3. andreasranma (verified owner)

    What kind of fantastic comic strip !!

    The price is much work only justly always is in it, too

    in such a project

    Was !!! thanks for the effort fill with enthusiasm

    Also have 2 terrific ideas

    1, you think what of the idea of starting a survey action on this side or bringing in around ideas of your fans from time to time

    e.g. place: In the office/secret base/park/on the street

    Cause of the transformation: Magical ring/sorcerer/revenge/neighbor

    Intellect: Converted to slut/whore/wife

    2 Storie ideas

    What I have found rare till now is a comic strip

    Comments the victim (man) slowly is a slut/whore is changed in this of because this one all over/neighbor/scientist/biker course (conscious or unconscious.)

    e.g. you should have long hair, sexy lips

    Hopes you like my suggestions

    Say hello from Germany

    a tall fan

    Was für ein fantastischer Comic!!

    Der Preis ist nur gerecht steckt ja auch immer viel Arbeit drin

    in solch einem Projekt

    War begeistert !!! Danke für die Mühe

    Hab auch 2 tolle Ideen

    1 Was denkst du von der Idee ab und zu mal eine Umfrage Aktion auf dieser Seite zu starten bzw. um Ideen von Ihren Fans mit einzubringen

    z. B. Ort: Im Büro/Geheimbasis/Park/auf der Straße

    Ursache der Verwandlung: Magischer Ring/Hexer/Rache/Nachbar

    Verstand: verwandelt in Schlampe/Hure/ Ehefrau

    2 Storie ideen

    Was Ich bisher selten gefunden habe ist ein Comic

    In de

    • Wendy Thorne (verified owner)

      Part of why I am hoping to buy a Premium account on DeviantArt is so I can set up polls to get feedback from fans like yourself for precisely this reason. I like your second comment which seems to be that you’d like to see a story where the tg is more directly controlled by the one who started it. Hmmmm…I may have to thank about that!

  4. kisbela2009 (verified owner)

    Dear Wendy,

    Usual quality, but be aware, I start to expect nothing less than this quality from you:)
    Having Bought all of your comic can say you are my new favourite artist (I do not want to mention in this topic my ex fav artist who is no more so active in these days)

    Anyway I think because your art is unique:
    – because of the visual maximalism (there is so much care in the characters, environments, your characters just seems absolutly gorgeous, i know you have a lot of work on them)
    – also the story is sometime pretty deep and i fan of slow transformations

    Only one suggestion for you: you can have some post following of the characters, i mean after they change, how can they adapt to new situations:
    – like dating
    – like buying clothes and trying clothes, how it feels, how she likes
    – how they develop self image, loose identity maybe, anything what is connect to this.
    – discover her body
    – and obviously sexual affairs

    I am really love the topic in transformation in psychological way. How can an individual adapt to this new situation.
    I can say much more “idea buble:D” makes also a lot more interesting the story (what the character think of the situation).

    I do not want to ratiocinate too much to your art, i just feels these areas where it can be more awesome.

    Kind Regards

    • Wendy Thorne (verified owner)

      Thank you for the kind and quite extensive review.

      I know what you mean about the post-transformation life and how you’d like to see it. So far my stories have dealt with the characters getting changed and also getting mind controlled into submissive sluts. It might be fun to do a story where the change isn’t forced so I can show how they adjust. I’ve also considered doing a body swap story, on the downside this would be a nearly ‘instant’ transformation but on the upside it means I could spend a lot of time on the whole “how do I adjust to this new life?” aspect of the story.

  5. Yalto (verified owner)

    Very enjoyable story, with good artwork and dialogue. I liked the way the dream sequence slowly conditioned the victim and the physical changes were well paced and convincing.

    There was a good amount of sex scenes, which were well crafted which I like in these stories. The presentation to the board at the end was a nice touch and the declaration that this represented a whole new product line opens a lot more opportunities – I hope 🙂

    I would have given 5 stars but the only thing missing was a few scenes at the end where you get to see her actually being used as a ‘Sexy Secretary’. This was such a shame as it would have finished the story perfectly if we’d have seen her dressed for the part, being taken over her bosses desk as she takes dictation or giving fellatio whilst filing etc..

    Overall very good.

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