Clinical Trials


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Clinical Trials  Copyright 2018

Robbie and Dana are out of work and the rent due is just a few weeks. Ready to pouund the pavement to look for new work when the weekend is done is a must do task. That is till they see the ad during half time of a sporting event for a special 1 Year Clinical Trial.

Comensation for time, a roof over your head, with meals and recreational activities is a no brainer and they rush to volunteer.

Once accepted, thya re wisked away from the city by private jet and then helocopter to a discrete location. Once they are given quarters, they fall into the program that involves, exercise, hot meals, warm hot tubs and daily injections of whatever treatment they had applied for.

Then one morning they wake up with very sore genitals that require a trip to the Medical wing. It is there that they are made ready for conversion

What follows next is a subtle conversion, mind control and great transgender sex as the clinical firm tries to recruit sponsors so they can make room for the next batch of you men with no bagage and a east cath for a unique method of Transformation

Attractive Characters and Lavish sets Highlight this latest Shadoman Comic that includes a unique story line with mild bondage situations and a unique plot twist. 160+ pages rated X for Mature adults.

High Quality PNG images coverted into a PDf comic book format plus bonus art,


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