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Shadoman’s Corporate Conquest Version A Copyright 2018

A CG illustrated comic dealing with sexual situations, fantasy Feminization topics and some BDSM situations
172 Page PDF comic for use with Adobe Acrobat reader.. Rated X For Mature Adults
This tale is an expanded version of a Short story I once posted


April Wells and Brian Mastera work for the same company but untill a chance encounter on the company elevator discover they are soon to be rivals for a singular promotion based on their cost saving proposals. They strike a small bet to be at each others beck and call, including sex, for two weeks to the winner of the position.

Of course Brian Looses and must now be Aprils’s sexual plaything for an upcoming leave.

What follows next is a intoduction into the transgender lifestyle for Brian with an unknown plot twist at the end that will be sure to surprise you.

If you read to next to last page and was wondering “if this is version A What happens in Version B ??”
Well this my avid readers is where Brian Wins and Now April is at his beck and call.

So version B is a story that involves Female bondage and submission topics and may not to be your cup of tea so to speak

However, If yoy are interested the story can be found the Renderotica Website or
or you can email me for a link as this is the site where I post Bondage stories.. so Thanks to our webhost Wendy and Saline for allowing me to share this site with you as a way for me to hand shake links between two sites

NOTE, you will have to set up a username and password for access to the Renderotica Store Then click on the Calalog Link and do a search for Shadoman.

The first part of the story is the same till @ page 22 then a different version of the story takes Place

A 172 page PDF comic for use with Adobe Acrobate reader.
The panels are converted from 1020 x 1320 PNG originals
with over 150+ renders
This comic also contains a Bonus image with the cover shot without overlays.

Thank you for buying and supporting Shadoman Comics

Having problems?? Email me at place Shadoman Comics in the subject line for a faster reply.
Shadoman has over 100 publications dealing with BDSM and Transgender Fantasies.

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Then, either clicking the PDF icon or opening said document in Acrobat reader, select your story for viewing

This comic is for mature audience only and no one under the age of 18 or what passes as legal age in your country should have access to or read this document.
The author is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this comic. This comic is copyrighted and cannot be posted in whole or in part without my express permission




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