Deceptive Arrangement

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Shadoman’s Deceptive Arrangement Copyright 2014

A 121 Page CG illustrated comic dealing with Transgender material,sexual situations, Mind Control and Domination

After several years, Ellen Masters discovers that an Old flame of hers has returned to town to rekindle their fem-dom relationship. Still in his
twenties, young Chrisotpher Weeks will do anything to be with his dominant lover and willfully signs what ammounts to a slave contract.

While Chris is comfortable with his submissive role, Ellen has other plans for him that include altering his body to change him into a transgender
female. Totally unaware of what is to happen, Chris is drugged and prepped for surgery and only discovers the deceptive betrayal once he wakes up and
looks into the mirror

As with all my comics there’s plenty of fantasy sexual situations involving transition from male transgender with plenty of sex and bondage play. In PDF
format created from High Quality PNG Originals

Rated X for Mature Adults
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1 review for Deceptive Arrangement

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    I am really liking Shadoman’s most recent comics. His usual incredible artwork is seen on every page. This story has one of my favourite unwilling transformations. The main character is not transformed out of malice or revenge. It happens in a way that I could see myself falling victim to. Plenty of fun, kinky sex. My only negative comment would be that there wasn’t enough of the main character in that sexy maid outfit. Those heels are wicked! Keep the delicious comics coming, Shadoman.

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