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Domesticated  By Shadoman  Copyright 2018

This story is about deception and control.  Dana is a lost soul who just lost his mother, Into his life comes Lisa his Godmother. Having no clue as to how to handle his mother’s estate, he accepts Lisa help and while matters are settled, moves to Hawaii to live under Lisa’s roof.

Rule are made as Lisa loves to move about the house wearing next to nothing and Dana is allowed to do the same,  But A young Dana begins to have sexual thoughts about his Godmother. Lisa is aware of the effect she is having on her ward and she keeps him secually frustrated till his eighteenth Birthday and then gives him a present Dana would never forget.

Dana slowly submits to Lisas will and slowly becomes Lisa’s submissive. The changes are subtle, First chastity, then using subliminal messages while Dana sleeps, slowly gets Dana to question his Gender.

Lisa plays her cards wisely offering assistance from a sex therapist until dana agrees to have gender bender surgery and after that, Dana becomes Lisa’s submissive sissy.

Great sets and plenty of sexual action for one and all that will make comic a page turner from beginning to end.

Comic size is @ 125 pages and includes bonus art of Cover Shot without Overlays

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