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Shadoman’s Doublecross 02 Book 2 Revenge Copy-write 2017

A 110 Page CG illustrated comic dealing with Transgender subjects. including sexual situations,transformations and consensual bondage

The final Chapter of DoubleCross 02 Our Story continues as Marcia begins toi accept her role as a surrogate lover of her husband Simon as he seeks political office. Over the course of their first year together, Marcia begins to adapt to the life as a spouse of a political figure while keeping a dark secret that she is a transgender partner and love interest. When not supporting her Husband while he is at the capital, she gains access to software to help her find the person responsible for her makeover.

13 months into their marraige, Marcia’s efforts to locate this person pay off and Marcia discovers two things, Her target has a criminal past and is also a submissive seeking a dominant person to control her. Marcia decides then and there to assume the role as a Dominatrix to gain access to both the individual who betrayed him in his previous life and to gain access to her bank acount and recover the lost funds. Yet as the roleplaying continues, Marcia soon discovers there is much more to the woman he was attacted to many months before

Although there is no transformations sequence to Book 02, there is plenty of transgender sex scenes with a little bondage thrown in and a very unusual plot twist that is sure to pplease one and all.

Coupled with Book 1 the entire story is told over 245+ pages. Including Bonus art
Rated X for Mature Adults
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