Evan’s Transformation


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Evan’s Transformation by Shadoman Copyright 2015

A CG illustrated comic dealing with gender bending, Transgender sex, minor bondage and mind control.

Evan Cross was enjoying his annual month long vacation when the tire of his rental vehicle blew and sent it screeching off the road and into a river. Within minutes he is rescued by a passerby, who uses her medical skills to fix his fractured leg and attend to some possible head trauma.

Well aware of how treacherous the river’s current is, she keeps Evan sedated and begins his feminine transformation. Once the police have finished their investigation and ruled the mishap a tragic accident, Doctor Anne Marro, put Even under the knife for drastic cosmetic surgery.

Several weeks later Evan wakes up and discover the transformation that will forever change his life as he is rendered nothing more than someone’s feminizes slave.

Attractive characters, lavish settings, A moderate detailed transition from male to female along with mind control and transgender sex with both male and female partners is sure to entertain you.

110 pages of transgender sex and some bondage play in PDF format created from High Quality PNG Originals

Rated X for Mature Adults
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Evan’s Transformation by Shadoman Copyright 2015 is a 110 page PDF document to be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader 6.0 or higher…

This comic is for mature audience only and no one under the age of 18 or what passes as legal age in your country should have access to or read this document.
The author is not responsible for minors obtaining access to this comic. This comic is copyrighted and cannot be posted in whole or in part without my express permission

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