Farmer Brown’s New Daughter part 3


Sold By: Saline


Little Billy Brown saved the farm… or so he thought.  The bank has advanced the closing date on the mortgage and the farm is once again in jeopardy.  Billy is helpless to do anything about it, but Billy-Sue on the other hand…  Seems the county fair is going on, and with it, the county beauty pageant.   If Billy-Sue Brown almost made prom queen, maybe she could win the title, and the prize money to save the farm.  It’s going to take a lot of effort though, and Billy is going to have to rely on the help of his… or her new found friends!  Follow the misadventures of Little Billy Brown, Jr. as he becomes Billy-Sue Brown to save the farm.   This comic is 154 pages!  With over 200 renderings.  So large in fact, my poor computer couldn’t handle it in all one sitting, so it’s split into two files!