Farmer Brown’s New Daughter

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Farmer Brown is about to loose his farm… All he needs is one good crop to see him through.  In a case of mistaken identity,Pete, his former good friend takes Mr. Brown’s son, Billy, as his daughter.  And wouldn’t you know, Pete’s boy needs a date for the homecoming dance and it seems all the local gals are spoken for.   Pete offers to extend a line of credit to Farmer Brown if he’ll consider letting his ‘daughter’ go to the dance with his son.  Soon things get out of hand as the local boys hear of a new girl in town, and are just falling over themselves to get in Billy-Sue’s good graces…  Meanwhile, Farmer Brown tries to figure out how to undo the damage, allowing Billy to return to being his son, while keeping the supplies he needs to save the farm.  83 full color pages in a PDF format.  This is part one of an ongoing story.

1 review for Farmer Brown’s New Daughter

  1. dreddfyre2 (verified owner)

    Primarily just setting up the story for future “chapters.” Good enough read, but for $10? Wait for the next installment.

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