Feminized by Femtech!

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne


Feminized by Femtech! is a 175 page full color PDF comic written by Wendy Thorne.

When Nicholas Armstrong and his roguish crew are hired to infiltrate the labs of Femtech they have no idea what awaits them. Nicholas’s curiosity leads to the release of a Fembot and puts his entire team on the run from the agents of Femtech. But, it is what happens when they think they’ve safely escaped that will change his life forever. And what about the new stowaway on their ship. What plans does she have for the crew?

2 reviews for Feminized by Femtech!

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Feminized by Femtech is another fun story from Wendy Thorne. I like how she tries to keep the transformation process fresh and different in her stories. While not my favourite transformation in a Wendy Thorne story, it fit perfectly with the sci-fi theme. Who doesn’t enjoy some kinky sci-fi? I certainly did.
    This story is huge! A big smile crept onto my face when I got to page 100 and realized there was still almost half the story to go. All the characters are quite well done, especially the women and soon-to-be women. Wendy’s new way of rendering skin is a big win! Everyone looks good when they’re out of their clothes. Oh, and there’s plenty of sex, which is always a big plus in my books.

  2. Yalto (verified owner)

    !Some Spoilers!
    Another excellent transformation story from Wendy Thorne. Her artwork continues to improve with each new story and the new skin textures look very nice. The story itself is imaginative and well written and allows for many sexual encounters. There aren’t enough good Sci Fi comics in this genre, which is a real shame as they offer so many possibilities.

    With a sizable 175 pages there is more character development and time to link scenes together in a lager story. I’m not big into race change myself but it worked very well in this story and the gradual physical and mental changes to the main character were very good. The Fembot character was excellent, she looks great and I like the fact that she was further transformed after her recapture showing an ongoing process which I’d like to know more about. Was she another male victim of Femtech, who knows? Whilst she claims to be seeking to stop Femtech, her motives are unclear and she’s highly manipulative. Ultimately we don’t know if she’s a force for good or evil for the main protagonist which leaves the story nicely open.

    Very enjoyable read, keep up the good work.

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