Femtech Wars 2: Femtech Strikes Back

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne


Femtech Wars 2: Femtech Strikes Back is Wendy Thorne’s new 112 page comic.

Inquisitor 1138’s life is changing rapidly. The inquisitor woke up, possibly fully transformed after the events of Femtech Wars 1 to find the base under attack by Femtech. A desperate flight only leads to more trouble as the Inquisitor learns first hand what life is like for a woman in a galaxy controlled by Femtech. Desperate for help, will the new woman sell her body to get it? And what will the inquisitor who wanted an identity do now that everything has changed?

1 review for Femtech Wars 2: Femtech Strikes Back

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    With visual nods to Star Wars, Blade Runner, and Star Trek, “Femtech Strikes Back” does a lovely job of exploring female bodies and female roles under Femtech rule, with Inquisitor 1138 blurring into an erotic new life as Miranda.


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