Femtech Wars Episode 1: A New Woman

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne


Femtech Wars Episode 1: A New Woman is a 115 page color comic by Wendy Thorne

It is about Inquisitor 1138, a man with no name, no family and only one friend, a female android named Taylor 8. When he is sent to capture the final leaders of the resistance against Femtech he is dosed with a gas that causes changes to his body. Unknown to him, Femtech is worried about his desire for a name and a life of his own. Soon he will have a choice to make. Join the resistance or face arrest and worse from Femtech!

1 review for Femtech Wars Episode 1: A New Woman

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    This reads like a pulp sci-fi adventure, full of plotting, battles, and daring escapes. It feels epic in scope, with so much going on – so much so, in fact, that this is just a chapter, with more story still to come. It is erotic in the costuming and figures, but light on nudity and sexual escapades, until the very end of the story . . . which, not coincidentally, is where the gender transformation element begins to come to the forefront.


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