First Lady


Sold By: Shadoman


First Lady  Transformed Convict Part 2  Copyright 2020

@121 pages in PDf format rated X for mature adults.

WARNING!  This comic has 3 panels that include extreme violence but is critical to the telling of this story,  Shadoman only employs violence when needed  and keeps it at a minimum.



This story begins 6 months later after Transformed comic ends

All is well on the island of Polencia as Carley, a transgender female gets used to being the presidents sexual outlet as his gay sexuality remains a secret from his island subjects.

 As Carley gets use to her new life as First Lady of this Island Republic many new plans are in the work,  A new Casino and resort are planned but there is danger brewing as a criminal element wants to share in the Casino’s growth. Yet the president wants nothing to do with any  corrupt syndicate.

Now Carley and her husband must rely o their security detail as there could be threats of violence heralding their way.  Carley as her bodyguard and secret love Ginger to teach her self defense and how to use a firearm.

Ginger agree’s to help her transgender lover during the many months it takes for the Casino to finish construction.


This story has lavish sets and plenty of transgender sexual situation along with a solid storyline and many plot twist that will keep you glued to the final page.  As mentioned the violence is graphic but kept to a minimum but as you read the story you will see how it all comes nto play.


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