House of Girlz


Sold By: Shadoman


House of Girlz  by Shadoman  Copyright 2014

 A graphic comic exploring Transgender fantasy for Mature Adults.The 112 page PDF comic is created from High quality PNG original master and should be read using Adobe Acrobat Reader version 6 or higher. Optimal reading of full pages should be at 75% or original. This comic is rated X and for mature audiences. And no one under the age of consent should be allowed access to this story produced exclusively for Amazing Transformation Comic


 Computer Gamers Jack and Ren, have finally sold the rights to their first video game.  Rich beyond their wildest dreams they take the vacation of a lifetime to make up for nearly a year of seclusion. Arriving in Europe, the two young men want to enjoy fine food, plenty of booze and lovely women.   When the two do hook up with two lovely beauties for some exotic sex, they get more than they bargained for. Awaking from a drugged induced sleep, they learn that they will soon become prostitutes for Madam Vanessa once some major alterations are performed. 

 Four weeks later they awaken to find themselves transformed into lovely Transgender Sex Slaves and must now learn to satisfy the special male clients that visit the House of Girlz.


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