Judgement Day 2

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Sold By: Saline


The continuing story of Joe, as the corporation preps him to serve out his sentence as a woman!  Joe meets Dr. Lorenz in hopes he may be reassessed, and sent to a facility for men, but the doctor isn’t convinced that such a thing would be in best interest.  She insists he must indulge his “inner girl” for a month before she would even consider a transfer.  However, Dr. Lorenz and the Matron have no intent on him ever returning to his manhood.    102 full color pages of feminizing fun!  Part 2 of an ongoing series.

1 review for Judgement Day 2

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Judgement Day is really turning out to be a fun series. There isn’t really much physical transformation but we get a satisfying glimpse of the facility’s process to mentally transform Joe. Of course the story wouldn’t be complete without all the fun sexy situations. Saline does those so well. Considering where Joe is in his change to Josephine after chapter two, this ongoing series might have the slowest transformation here.

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