Last Light of the Phempax Star


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Last Light of the Phempax Star is a new 125 page comic from WikkidLester.

Somewhere in the galaxy is a small orange point of light named the Phempax Star. Around this star orbits Tampax Prime, once a lush green world shared between two races: the techno-industrial Biktori, and the ancient vampyric beings known as the Vymphi’r. Wars raged. Neither race claimed victory, until one Biktori scientist found a final solution. A living weapon was created, a woman of ruthless power and dangerous beauty who would use the gender bending perversions of Biktori science to rule her planet and push the Vymphi’r to extinction. Now, the only hope for peace and redemption rests in the dreams of a wayward space traveler from a distant world, and the last light of the Phempax Star…


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