Love Potion #27

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne


Love Potion #27 is Wendy’s new 84 page comic. For the first time one of her comics is in full 1080p HD!

Roger had always wanted to be with his friend Karen. She was blond, beautiful and everything he’d ever wanted in a woman. But she was a lesbian. He’d given up all hope until he heard about a woman named Mrs. Ling who could help. She offered him a potion that would make him irresistible to Karen. He drank it without a second thought and his new life began…

1 review for Love Potion #27

  1. mxsallybend (verified owner)

    Wendy Thorne perfectly captures her characters, right from the opening panel. Roger looks and acts like a self-entitled ladies’ man, with mannerism and facial expressions that just tell you he is getting into something he does not understand. The contrast between Missus Ling’s public pharmacy, all clean and white and bright, and her private study, all dark and brown and full of arcane books and voodoo dolls, is perfect to convey a sense of mystery and danger.

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