Magnate 001

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Magnate 001 is a 29 page full color comic by new artist CreativeGuy59. It tells the story of Marcus Springer, a con man and spy who gets in over his head. When he pokes his nose where it doesn’t belong he discovers, to his horror, that his boss is not the forgiving sort!

2 reviews for Magnate 001

  1. goldendawn69 (verified owner)

    I would like to say I always like pieces of work that include TG, and mental changes, however in this case I was pretty disappointed that this is really nothing more than a number of pages which jump from one part to another without any process, or without any contents. In my opinion this certainly is not worth selling, and does let down the general quality of work that is on this site. I will be seriously thinking twice before I buy another comic from this Vendor.

  2. Yalto (verified owner)

    I read the previous review and have to say I disagree. I thought this story worked really well as a tale of deception and revenge. There was time spent on each of the characters backgrounds and motivations which built up to the inevitable tables being turned on the main protagonist.

    The TG transformation and doll conversion were well executed and in my opinion stories where the main character undergoes this type of two stage sci-fi makeover are under used in this genre. The artwork is good and I especially liked the texture of the wind up dolls. It would have been nice to have a few more close-ups to mix it up, show more expression, detail and texture.

    At 29 pages it’s quite a short story but at only eight bucks that’s reasonable and if there is a sequel (and I hope there is) it would be good to have a longer story and perhaps include some details of the fate that awaits Marcy.

    If you’re not into TG doll transformations then this comic is probably not for you. If you are I think you’ll most likely enjoy this story and the artwork.

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