Miss Lovelace’s Sissy Sanctuary


Sold By: Betty Cross


Miss Lovelace’s Sissy Sanctuary:  formerly titled,” Training of a Kept Sissy!”  by Betty Cross.  A man indulges in his secret guilty pleasures trying on new feminine attire at the Kitty Kat Shop.  A store that discretely caters to the closet cross dresser.  While trying out a new maids outfit, he spies the owner, one Miss Lovelace in the cubicle across from him in a state of undress. His lecherous gaze doesn’t go unnoticed by Miss Lovelace.  After an encounter in the dressing room, Miss Lovelace sees potential in the young man, and invites him to her mansion.  There he discovers a sanctuary for the most lovely of sissies, were they are free to indulge in there most feminine…. and carnal desires.   Story by Betty Cross, Illustrated by Saline.  43 full color, single image pages in a PDF format.


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