My Roommate’s Sexy Maid Is…Me?

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne


My Roommate’s Sexy Maid Is…Me? is the new 115 page comic by Wendy Thorne. It tells the story of Cecil Griffith, a young man who is unable to find a job. His roommate, Keith, is losing patience and comes up with a way to motivate him. All he has to do is sign a contract and agree to forfeits every week until he finds a job. It starts out small with Cecil having to cook and clean but when Keith tells him he has to wear panties and then a maid’s dress Cecil wonders if he can get out of this! And why doesn’t he just say no?

4 reviews for My Roommate’s Sexy Maid Is…Me?

  1. goldendawn69 (verified owner)

    Enjoyable and very well put together. My concerns around text bubbles and layout have certainly been addressed in this and it was pretty damn polished (with minor and small things… but a heap leap of greatness!)

    This is the comic I was hoping from you. The transformation was slow, the progression was detail and while it was “from week to week” the story really did feel like you were watching the ongoing transformation, and the final outcome wasn’t a surprise, but was well built up towards.

    Overall, in my opinion, one of your best comics as to its delivery and as to the transformation. Additionally, the quality of the text, editing, and proofing showed in this and I thank you for that because it made it a story I could get lost in and enjoy!

    Thank you for the great read, and hope to see more of this quality in the future!!!


    • Wendy Thorne

      Thank you Golden Dawn. As I wrote the comic I remembered the talk you and I had on DeviantArt and the comments you made. I kept them in mind and paid a lot of attention to my text bubbles. I had to occasionally make concessions when it came to placement but in general I think it worked out well!

  2. andreasranma (verified owner)

    One prewake-up

    it is is a wonderful COMIC

    Has looked at Him with Yesterday

    Like them the history tell liked me very well

    The victim fell in the trap and in ends he could not last to himself any more. Manipulation control and magic were miraculous
    knitted!!! There was nobody escaped (I like the end)


    The Render pictures + the (clothes) wonderfully
    there a lot of work is in it.
    wonderful pictures they underline a small languid house maiden (bitch) like from the guy becomes!

    The Transformations process was slow / gemässig
    and this well fitted to the history!!

    My result

    I give 4 of 5 stars
    A wonderful history (case)

    Please, more of it with even more cerebral manipulation!


    Their big fan


  3. andreasranma (verified owner)

    If is sometimes one of my favourite COMICS

    every now and then with pleasure retime reads!!!

  4. stuart (verified owner)

    This is simply one of the best comics I have purchased from this site. It’s a deliciously wicked story that gets better with every page. The transformation is done very gradually so you can savour every new twist and turn of the story, which is beautifully rendered. I hope there will be more like this in the future 🙂 Well done Wendy x

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