Planet Stiletto Chapter 2: A New Life

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Planet Stiletto Chapter 2: A New Life is a new full color 62 page comic in PDF form by DeCameron. The comic has the subtitle A New Life and tells the story of Samantha, the alien Mistress from his first comic, Interplanetary Marriage Care. This comic can be enjoyed on its own though the characters will be more familiar to readers if they read the first comic. In this story full of lots of transformations of both males and females you see what led Samantha to her current hedonistic life!

2 reviews for Planet Stiletto Chapter 2: A New Life

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    I suppose I shouldn’t rate this comic 5 stars after only the first ten pages. I’m a sucker for sexy sissy maids. I love ’em! The characters all look so damn good and sexy no matter what their planet of origin. There are a few transformations here but none slow. For me to still rate it 5 stars there better be plenty of my favourite fetishes and sex scenes. Were there? Oh, yeah! This is the kind of comic I enjoy to the point of dehydration, if you know what I mean. Awesome work by decaMeronX.

  2. Michael (verified owner)

    Buying this artwork is a switch for me, because I usually go for the full transformations. But the renderings are second to none. Furthermore, I cannot ignore the hard work and talent that went into this production, that is why I’m giving 5 stars. Some recommendations though, between pages 49-51, I would have liked to have seen the stages of transformation. For instance, the first person is completely transformed from pages 49 to 50, and the second between 50 and 51. In the first chapter, we see Brandon go through the stages of transformation, which I thought should have been longer, and he had to come to terms with his/her new life, none of that was explored in chapter 2. Thank you for your efforts, and perhaps you could consider these recommendations in subsequent works.

    • Wendy Thorne

      Hi Michael! Thank you for the review. Brandon’s transformation is actually covered in the first comic from this same author entitled “Interplanetary Marriage Care.”

      Thank you again!
      Wendy Thorne

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