Portrait of Transformation

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Portrait of Transformation

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Mistaken for a male prostitute, Brandon Weeks negotiates a  lucrative deal for a weekend stay at a lovely woman’s home.

Along with sex, Brandon agree’s to model for the woman as she creates a porttrait of him on specially enchanted blank canvases.

What Brandon does not know that the woman who hired him is a witch with a wicked little plan to make Brandon her submissive and over time transform him to be her trans-gendered slave.


As with other Shadoman publications, great attention to detail is taken to provide a intriguing tale of sex and transformation and the occasional plot twist. This lengthly graphic comic will entertain you with a combination of attractive charcters, lavish settings,  plenty of sex and bondage play.and a little witchcraft and scorcery tossed in.


For Mature adult only


Authors Note:  This is my last comic for 2015, and it is quite large in content. More Stories are planned for 2016. Thanks to all who support my work.

Regards  Shadoman

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  1. andreasranma (verified owner)

    booah the insanity and, finally, is also present a complete conversion!!!
    how everything was rebuilt absolutely well

    5 stars with surely

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