Service with a Smile


Sold By: Shadoman


Service with a Smile   by Shadoman copyright 2015


A 121 page comic in PDF format dealing with Fantasy Transgender stories involving nudity, sex and light bondage play. Rated X for Mature Adults.


Our story begins at a local auto dealership where the female staff does whatever it takes to garnish a sale for some of the higher end sports cars they promote.  One such individual is Christine Shaw who works in the contracts and licensing division.  Like the other girls, Christine does what it takes to obtain lavish service contracts for the cars that are sold. What we soon learn is that Christine Shaw was once Christopher Shaw and out story deals with  Christine’s flashback to the past and how her transitions from a Male to a Transgender Female began.

 Lavish sets, attractive characters with plenty of sex and a little kinky bondage play to make this 121 page PDF comic a story you will cherish and read over and over.

 As with all Shadoman Comics, the story panels are rendered to high quality PNG originals before being converted to a PDF comic.

 Shadoman Publications are not to be read or given to anyone below the age of consent. Shadoman will bear no responsibility for such material being seen or read by someone under 18 years of age.  Material provided by Shadoman does not reflect his personal lifestyle or morals and are for the fantasy enjoyment of his readers.


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