Set Up! Transformed! Enslaved!

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Sold By: Wendy Thorne


Set Up! Transformed! Enslaved! is an 89 page full color PDF comic by Wendy Thorne.

When young thief Sebastien Kyle is hired by a mysterious man to rob a mansion he has no idea that the whole job is nothing but a set up. He confesses to a crime after hours of police questioning, only to discover that he hasn’t confessed to being a thief, he’s confessed to murder! Now he has two choices, be transformed into a submissive woman and taught his new role in life, or take his chance in the court system where the evidence is stacked against him!

1 review for Set Up! Transformed! Enslaved!

  1. andreasranma (verified owner)

    Their work is very commendable
    They have provided a very good comic
    I have liked the history very well
    (please even more (picture sequences of the conversion man to woman)
    this looks so good

    The picture quality was wonderful:Pikachu KAWAII DESU

    Of Render details

    It makes to joy to consider
    If even more picture Marterial had wished me with pleasure of it grin
    It was a light victim the will had soon broken

    Please me about your next comics

    With friendly ones greet your fanPurple guy icon

    1. How it would be a next one spot sometimes with some revenge of the EX woman
    2. A Gender gun everything becomes effeminate

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