Doublecross 02 Chapter 1


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Shadoman’s Doublecross 02 Chapter 1 Copywrite 2016

A 140+ Page CG illustrated comic dealing with Transgender subjects. including sexual situations,transformations and light bondage

Our Story begins with a simple wedding, but this wedding is far more complex. The story before and after these nuptuals is what Doublecross 2 is all about. Lust, betrayal,and fearing for one’s own life leads young Marcus on the run with only one person who can afford him tempoary sanctuary as he seeks a new Identity. Yet Marcus learns that sometimes a new identity must entail simply more than changing ones face, especially running from the Russian Mob who recently tried to kill you.
Marcus, pressed between a rock and a hard spot, makes the ultimate transition to alter his looks and becomes the transgendered female “Marcia”. Yet once the procedure is accomplished, Young Marcia learns that there is a price to pay in regards to legal documents she will need. Thus begins a quid pro quo exchange of promises if Marcia is to have any success in living free of being hunted down and extract revenge upon the woman who conned him and his former company out of millions of dollars.
This story is simply too large for one comic and Part two of this story will be introduced in Jan/Feb 2017
Part 1 deals with the transsition and Part 2 will deal with the revenge.

Also note that this story is not a continuation of the first Double Cross Comic That has been in the ATC store for some 2 years now

Rated X for Mature Adults
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