Shadoman’s Doublecross

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Shadoman’s Doublecross: When a common thief has the mob looking for him, he relies on his sister, a genetic technician, to alter his looks before leaving town, Little does he know just how far his sister will alter his looks and change her bother Donnie to her new sister Donna and use her in an ultimate plan for revenge.


Shadoman brings you the ultimate Gender bending story and to top it off, includes an alternate ending with its own plot twist.

145+ pages for mature adults. $14

1 review for Shadoman’s Doublecross

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    Wow! Awesome story! It deserves five stars but the transformation is quick and off-screen. Despite my initial reservations due to the unseen transformation, the writing and illustrations won me over. Shadoman created a fun and intriguing story with delicious characters. I was very happy with both endings.

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