Superguy 4: Superguy Get Horny

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Superguy 4: Superguy Gets Horny is a new 98 page comic by WikkidLester!

As Superguy is held captive and subjected to the Feminatrix’s dubious sexual experimentation, her Feminion hordes manage to overtake half the city thanks to a virus that turns men into women.  But a resistance group led by General Rockport has halted the advancing tide and pushed back against the Fempire.  With victory in sight, a new threat emerges and Superguy’s libido becomes a ticking time bomb.  Find out what happens when Superguy Gets Horny!


1 review for Superguy 4: Superguy Get Horny

  1. duc.749 (verified owner)

    Lots of plot twists and great transformations as there were in the first 3 of the series too.
    I can’t wait for number 5.

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