Superguy Gets Hexed!


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Superguy Superguy Gets Hexed! is part 5 of the Superguy Saga and is a 122 page comic! The war between the Feminion hordes and the masculine resistance rages on.  Although the “Pink Plague” has been contained and confidence is high, Superguy’s condition casts doubt on the resistance leader’s ability to bring peace to the city.  Because once he becomes sexually aroused, Superguy will transform into a bubbly airheaded bimbo, leaving him vulnerable to the mind control powers of the Feminatrix.


However, an opportunity soon presents itself in the form of a succubus stripper named Mara seeking to free her beloved girlfriend Michelle Moonstone from the control of the Feminatrix.  She offers a panacea to Superguy’s vulnerability and a way to end the war with one catch: He must become Mara’s thrall.


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