Superguy Gets Modified!

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Sold By: Wikkidlester


Superguy Gets Modified is a 112 page erotic epic of transformation, mind control, and super powered sex!

A tongue-in-cheek Super Hero adventure that pits the astounding powers and colossal chauvinist ego of Superguy against the ferocious villain, the Feminatrix! The Feminatrix holds the power to turn any woman into her mindless slave, known as a Feminion. However, her plans of amassing an army of loyal busty beauties are often foiled when superguy shows up to free the minds of the captive cuties and collect a sexual reward.

When the Feminatrix turns to the demented Dr. Bender, will it help her cause or was it a grave mistake? Find out in this newest comic by WikkidLester!

4 reviews for Superguy Gets Modified!

  1. goldendawn69 (verified owner)

    While I am not a big one on shemales, I do love a good superhero transformation story – and this one doesn’t fail to deliver. Superguy kinda makes me laugh, and kinda reminded me a bit of a Adult version of Booster Gold, so very full of himself. But the story really is tongue and cheek and pretty much does it well.

    The mental control is a little forced in places, and sorry to say what I had hoped didn’t happen (not going to say what) but it certainly made up for it in story, sex, and most important mental transformation superhero style.

    The graphics were also what I would expect from a bought comic in this genre, and doesn’t disappoint in quality, and also the comic feel to it (even though individual paged captions) certainly isn’t full of text, nor does it feel like it just jumps from one scene to another.

    Overall, a good read, and probably one of the better reads of the site for me right now.

    Thanks for creating this piece of work, and certainly in my opinion worth the cost…

  2. Jason (verified owner)

    I enjoyed WikkidLester’s latest comic. It was a very light-hearted read. I had a lot of fun with the story and dialogue. The story progresses and concludes in a very satisfying manner. Everyone seemed to get what was coming to them. The characters all looked great including Superguy in his final form. It wasn’t a slow transformation as seen in the site’s comics by other authors but the quick change was still nicely done. The twist at the end is one of my favourite’s here. Another fun and enjoyable comic by WikkidLester.

  3. andreasranma (verified owner)

    I like it though are more likely when men turned into real women !!

    But hats off
    I really enjoyed to see it
    the slowly loses his mind the superhero was just as horny horny sex luder !!

    Transform man into horny female (whore) and then complete brainwash
    I love it

    good work

  4. onl1975 (verified owner)

    we need more slow transformations into bimbo boys that is great good flowing story line great body demensions i like it when macho guys are turned into stacked cute bimbo boys

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