Superguy Goes All The Way!

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Superguy Goes All The Way! is a 91 page full color comic by WikkidLester.  In this sequel to Superguy Gets Modified, the evil Dr. Bender wishes to continue the transformation of Superguy that was begun last issue. Will Superguy be able to resist or will he succumb to his new nature and become a Super Bimbo?

2 reviews for Superguy Goes All The Way!

  1. Jason (verified owner)

    At first, I was a little worried by the title. ‘Going all the way’ or completing the transformation into a full woman has never been my favourite. I do so enjoy the hijinks before full transformation and WikkidLester has written plenty of sexy fun into this one. All the heroes and villains are plenty easy on the eyes. Superguy looks incredibly sexy in all stages of transformation. It’s a great sequel. Everything I loved from the original and more. Just when I thought the story was hitting the climax, a few more twists and turns show up to put a satisfied yet devious smile on my face.

  2. goldendawn69 (verified owner)

    I feel bad I didn’t review this, especially when I loved the first story.

    I didn’t think that it was possible to out do the last comic with a squeal, but I was pleasantly surprised and happy to see this continued on the story in the same slapstick, not too serious, but extremely sexy and fun read.

    The writing on this one was probably not as detailed in the physical transformation as the last – after all that happened in the last comic – but around the mental transformation it was grand!

    I do hope that there will be a sequel to this one, as I would love to see what happens moving forward.

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