Sweet Justice Book 2


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Sweet Justice Book 2  Copyright 2019

The final Chapter of a trilogy that started with To Transform a Thief and evolved into Sweet Justice 1 and now concludes with Sweet Justice 2

Brenda awakens one morning and heads to the Lichen area to make coffee, only to discover that Emma is already up and deeply troubled.

Brenda inquires as to what is on Emma’s mind and discovers that a person from Emma’s past who drugged, and used her before fleeing the country has returned to California.

Brenda promises that between then both they will bring this man to their style of Justice and Brada uses her criminal network to locate the man and break into his office to steel any info they could use against him. Brenda soon discovers that this man has drugged and used women on various occasions in the UK and other countries and makes plans to subdue him.

Once captured Emma get her revenge by strapping on a dildo and pegging her victim, but Emma wants more and soon the male victim finds himself in one of Emma’s Conversion takes for the sole purpose of transformation

After a few weeks of conversion and mind therapy,  Emma flaunts what she has done to her new “Feminized Male”, but trust me,  Emma has much more revenge in her heart and the makeover is just part of her overall brand of Sweet Justice

Once again Shadoman delivers with a story that has twist and turns, feminizations and great transgender sex scenes along with a killer ending you won’t see coming as he wraps up the final chapter of this great saga

126 pages of comic art with a bonus page rated “X” for Mature readers.

This comic is distributed via Amazing Transformation Comics





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