Sweet Justice


Sold By: Shadoman


Sweet Justice  Sequel to To Transform a Thief Part 2     Copyright 2016

A  140+ Page Graphic novel dealing with Adult Transgender Fantasies Exclusive to Amazing Transformation Comics

Emma  and her transgender thief Brenda are back for another adventure of revenge and transformation.

As mentioned in the Original Shadoman Publication  To Transform a Thief, Brenda now works alongside Emma who seeks revenge against former clients who have stiffed her out of fees for services rendered.

While Brenda is away to disgrace the City’s Mayor, and old friend drops in on Emma for help with her errant offspring Cristopher.  Fearing He may extend his violent ways towards her, Ingrid Thor seeks Emma’s help to discipline the young man.  All this works to Emma’s advantage as she has a situation now to help two close friends at the same time.

A steadily paced transition from male to shemale with plenty of TG sex to go around.

As with all Shadoman Publications,  Great attention to detail is a must with lavish sets, attractive characters. and a great story line.

Thanks one and all for supporting All my Shadoman Publications

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