Tales of a Teenage Vault Girl

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Tales of a Teenage Vault Girl is the new 109 page comic by Wendy Thorne and is the first part in a longer series.

In this comic a man named Marius Sanders survives the apocalypse thanks to having a place reserved for him in a Vault, a type of large underground shelter. Due to how long he will have to stay down there, he and the other inhabitants of the Vault are placed into cryopods and watched over by a computer. He is told the computer will make changes to him while he sleeps, to help him survive, but he has no idea just what changes are in store for him! Will he manage to undo the changes and find out who is behind it all? Read the comic to find out!

2 reviews for Tales of a Teenage Vault Girl

  1. andreasranma (verified owner)

    the idea is very good!!!

    transforms and then in such men dominating world!!

    She must submit to the slut become

    please me already about then 2 parts

  2. black.burn (verified owner)

    Wow good idea, beautiful models. Hoping to see next part soon

    • Wendy Thorne

      The next part is in the works now and I’ll have previews up soon I hope! I’m guessing a mid-December release.

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