Teri’s Continued Education


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Shadoman’s Teri’s Continued Education Copyright 2015

A CG illustrated comic dealing with Transgender fantasies, genderbendings mind control and some bdsm situations.
For concenting mature adults.

The long awaited sequel to Betrayed Nephew finds Terri learning to adjsut to her new transformed body as she begins her first semester as a female student at Sir Andrew Academy. Feel slightly awkward about blending in, Terri soon discovers the truth of just what kind of students are enrolled there.
Back at the estate, Lady Victoria Straford, Terri’s Aunt and Guardian, is presented with another challange from a distraught mother in regards to her wayward son and all the trouble he gets into, refusing to enlist in the military, the Magistrate seeks Victorias assistance in taming the young man using any means at her disposal.

As the school year progresses, Terri finds herslf in some unsual sexual situations with the teachers and Victoria must step in and take matters in her own hands. but it also give her the chance to teach Terri a little about her Genderbending skils as she will need some assistance once her maid, Nicole heads off to Copenhagen to complete her transformation

Rated X for Mature Adults
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